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We accept MasterCard, VISA, cheque, cash and email transfers.

Our minimum order for lunches is $175 before taxes and delivery, and our minimum order for dinner is $250 before taxes and delivery. That is generally 10 people. In the months of July, August and December there is a minimum order on weekends of $500 before taxes and delivery.

We do have staff available to serve at your function. The price for this service starts at $600.00 + tax for a buffet – this covers up to four servers. Staffing for a plated meal starts at $900.00 + tax + gratuity. Staff for a pig roast starts at $1500 + tax. It is approximately $100 for each additional server (number of servers depends on crowd size, and tasks assigned to us).

Our staff will set up a coffee/tea station with paper cups (unless you direct otherwise). We will set up the buffet and serve the hot items. We also bus tables and clean the dishes if they belong to the hall, or repack these dishes if they are rentals.

What does your staff not do?

We expect all tables, including the buffet tables, to be set up.

We are not licensed to serve alcohol.

The delivery charge depends on the time spent driving the delivery one way:


20 min. driving is $20.00 + tax
30 min. driving is $40.00 + tax
45 min. driving is $60.00 + tax
60 min. driving is $100.00 + tax

No, we no longer have any dishes of any kind, except disposables.


If we deliver, we bring disposable (chinette quality) paper plates, plastic forks, knives, and napkins. Disposable Dessert plates are included, depending on the dessert. Disposable serving utensils are also included.

Native status cards are accepted if the delivery is going on Reserve Land.

We can deliver up to 1.5 hours away from Lively, ON in any given direction.

Yes, we count two children under 10 years old as one adult. Children under 2 years old eat free!

We invoice based on the number ordered.


For Corporate Caterings we will invoice.

For private functions we expect payment upon delivery.

For Weddings we prefer payment a few days in advance so that we don’t have to disrupt you on your special day.

We do not take deposits. To hold your spot we ask for an email stating you wish to book, and we will send a confirmation email.

We do not include tips on our invoices. Tips are at your discretion. Generally 10-15 % is the industry standard.

We can adjust for dietary requirements contact us for details on our gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian/vegan options. Special requests for separate plates (GF, DF or similar) can be ordered for those with allergies or dietary needs for an additional $50+ tax per request. The plate is prepared separately, wrapped, and labelled. This does not apply to weddings or private parties over 50 people.

Plated meal is slightly more. The largest share of your cost will go towards the service. We can controle the portions on the food better, and your guests don't get to choose what they eat the day of. With Buffet you are paying mostly for the food. The guests have ample opportunity to choose what they eat and how much. Our suggestion is always put your money in the food. It is your day, however, so we do offer plated options.

Yes, we do funerals. We can do the traditional Sandwich buffet with veggies and dip, assorted sandwiches and House squares/cookies. Coffee/tea is available upon request.

We are quoting weddings in the following price range: $34 - $65.00 + tax per person. This depends largely on whether you choose 1 or 2 entrees (and which ones), how far we have to travel, and how large your crowd is. Staff starts at $300.00 (roughly $12.00 pp ) for groups of 25, and $1500 (roughly $7.50 pp) for crowds of 200.